Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eley Kishimoto


joy said...

thanks for visiting my site. i think our styles are similar and i now want to share them with! i also added you to my reading list. come back again ok?

Daniela said...

I think you should try it, doesn't hurt... Your clothes are great, smart and very interesting, just don't price them too low :)).
I do have to say that last year at this time I was selling but this year seems to be a bit slower. My sister has an Etsy store as well and she said it is the Fall when it all slows down and not to worry. You might like her store:
She has an opening in LA tonight.
Hope this helps, and feel free to email me if you need anything else :)).
Your new posts are very cool!
cao cao
p.s. I can do a post on my blog for you as well, that usually helps...
so long...

joy said...

i meant to say that I would like to start posting pictures of my daily outfits. I am too tied up with scademia and the like to start a shop but have thought about it a lot.

joy said...

ps. I would love to try out your clothes you make. do you have a site as well?