Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'll title this later

deconstructed and reconstructed vintage denim man's shirt
navajo inspired skirt -made by me
vintage camel sweater


this free bird said...

I love this look - especially with the camel coat sweater coat over top. Very classy.


ediot said...

what a great outfit! i especially love the skirt- what a great pattern!
and i have so much love for brick walls- so i love that background


Violet said...

love the sweater!

haha good thing you know its untitled i once went a week before i noticed a post had no title lol

Vi from Cali

Dalena Vintage said...

Great outfit. Love the uber long sweater with the mini skirt.

Molly said...

those. shoes.


Amandamarie said...

what a sick sweater. i love the length!


*lilibet* said...

your outfit is completely wonderful!love the camel coat!
you´ve got a new follower ;)

Nura said...

love these photo's, love your look, love your blog! Thanks for following me, you got a new follower too!


Cucu said...

Looks great!
Are you interested in following each other?


Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I love the whole look with the camel sweater!


Maca Vaulet said...

you have style , pretty girl . i love your blog :P thanks for following me :) kisses

Beautifully Disarming said...

this is such a gorgeous outfit, i love the coat especially :)
also, i looked at your etsy shop and your clothes are AMAZING! and very reasonably priced too, if i had money i'd be there! xo

BÄÄÄÄM said...

I love your style and your blog ...
It's very classy ^^



c o t e said...

thanks for following me!
I really like your photos

Erm gurl_ never dead said...

i like ur blog thanx so much
check my new if u wanna =]

Courtney said...

That coat looks so comfy! I love how you pair it with a summery outfit!

Tamara said...

love the look

Emilie said...

Beautiful look!